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Must Have Candid Wedding Photos!

Poses are great, but preserving authentic emotions is my favorite part of wedding photography. Be sure that plenty of heartfelt candid moments are part of your photo collection.

1) Before the ceremony. Capture the joy, the fun, and all the shenanigans!

2) The scenery is important because your wedding surroundings and even certain landmarks will evoke memories when these images are looked at years later.

3) Here comes the bride.... that moment alone, right before the walk down the aisle, what a beautiful few seconds to preserve.

4) The love from friends. Being surrounded by best friends and family makes everything about your wedding day close to perfect.

5) The solemn moments during the vows exchange are very important to capture beautifully. But the fun candid moments like this make the best memories.

6) The Little Ones. Automatic Cuteness! It's always good to take images of whatever the kids are doing, because no matter what it is, it will automatically be adorable.

8) Have fun with props! Catch the couple in the photo booths, they are likely expressing their true personalities and having a good time with the props.

9) The bridal glow. These images right after the ceremony are so much fun to take because the newness of being husband and wife glows through the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this new collection of MUST HAVE WEDDING PHOTOS! Please check out more great blogs right HERE!

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