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Chanel and Cornell, Trading Futures!

How We Met:

They met through trading the futures market. Chanel was introduced to the trading arena by Tara McCullum, and Tara would always tell Chanel about this "younger guy who was killing the market... Cornell." Chanel didn't know much about him personally, and honestly at that time didn't too much care. But she was attracted to his skill, and wanted to know everything about it. So, Mrs. Tara introduced Chanel to Cornell via a phone conversation, and they exchanged phone numbers for learning purposes only. That was merely it for a long time. They talked on the phone when Cornell was teaching her how to trade, and the conversations ended right after the trades were taken.

There was a trading conference in Alabama that Chanel wanted to attend. She attended, and that is where she met Cornell for the first time in person. She never really mentioned it to anyone but one of her best friends, Alicia, that God told her that Cornell was going to be her husband. At the time, she was actually going on dates with someone else and was uninterested and from her knowledge, Cornell was uninterested too. There was another conference that was held in Atlanta shortly after and by then we were just friends. The funny thing is that other people saw "us" before we even did. While attending the conference, a lady named Lorna asked us if we were married. Both of us just laughed because married wasn't even an option, we never even dated or had the thought that we ever were. A month or two after that, Chanel was in Texas for work, and Cornell was still helping her via the phone on how to trade. One night, one phone call lasted about 5 hours, the next day 6 hours, and so forth. The next week when Chanel got back to Atlanta, Cornell drove to Atlanta to take her on a date. They went to the Cheesecake Bistro and the movies. After that, they became inseparable. They met families, kids, and so forth. He wasn't checking for me, I wasn't checking for him, but we were meant to be together. Trading futures led us to find our future with each other :)!

We have been dating since July of 2016.

How He Proposed:

We went on a trip for Thanksgiving with pretty much the whole family, Cornell's family and my mom and brother. I can say I had an "idea" that he would propose but I wasn't quite sure. I just knew if it was going to happen, this trip would be perfect. The thought of Thanksgiving would have been awesome. Well, it didn't happen on Thanksgiving. We went to Disney world the next day with the kids, it didn't happen there either. It didn't even happen the next day when the whole family was together. At this point, I had given up on "this being the moment." Later that night, Cornell told me that Anthony & Lela's mom would be in town, and Ms. Sherry and my mom are friends. Cornell suggested that all of us go to eat since it was our last night and we were leaving in the AM. We got to Longhorn and my mom forgot to leave my brother something at the resort and had to turn around. Anthony was picking Ms. Sherry up from the airport and they were going to be 30-40 minutes late, and Lela was going to be 15 minutes late and at this point Longhorn said they couldn't seat us until everyone was there. I remember going outside calling everyone to tell them we didn't have to eat and everyone insisting that we were lol. Now looking its hilarious. In the time I was outside, Cornell talked to the people in the front to coax them to let us sit down. I never even thought twice about it. Engagement was the furthest from my mind at this point., Everyone soon arrived and we just had a great dinner for about an hour and a half. Everything normal. Then, right before they brought out the bill, they brought out a plate that said "Will You Marry Me?" I never thought we'd be that emotional, but we were. He asked, I cried, I said yes, He cried, and heck.... now we are getting married :).

We are best friends and we always support each other and to love each. And I'm happy he chose me to be his wife.

Chanel and Cornell, Congratulations on your beautiful love story! I am honored to have been chosen to capture these Engagement session moments and I look forward to your wedding day as your photographer!

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