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5 Things To Do the Week Before Your Wedding

It's likely you've been planning for months for your wedding, and now the final week is here. There are many things to finalize on these last days. Here are 5 things that should be on your list the final week before the big day.

1) Finalize your vows. If not done yet, you should definitely be putting the final touches to your wedding vows. After all, the vows exchange is the most important part of the whole day.

2) Break in your wedding shoes. The more stunning your shoe, the more painful it's likely to be if it's not broken in days before your wedding. Walk around in them and walk in different surfaces for practice.

3) Have a final meeting or conversation with your wedding planner or day of coordinator. The event space is a good place to meet to review final logistics. This is also a good time to finalize your wedding day timeline and confirm all the vendors details.

4) Speaking of the wedding day timeline, as soon as it's finalized, please send immediately to your vendors and especially your photographer and videographer. The sooner we as the photographers receive the time line, the sooner we'll have a better idea of how your day will flow and strategize for your photos and video.

5) And finally, send your Shots List to your photographer so they can have an idea of what photos are a must have. We'll still have many photos to take outside of your shots list, but I'm always happy to know which ones are most important to my customers.

I certainly hope this quick list will be helpful for all you lovely brides to be. Please feel free to contact me for more tips and of course a free wedding photography consultation.

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