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A Romantic Evening with Nichy and Moy

One of the best things about being a photographer is meeting new people and building relationships throughout the wedding process. Nichy and Moy are two of the most awesome couple I've had the pleasure to work with. On her wedding day, Nichy was cool as a cucumber as she laid out her beautiful gown and gorgeous accessories for me to photograph. And as always, so was Moy when I went over to take his getting ready pictures with his groomsmen. Both camps were having fun, were relaxed and couldn't wait to meet each other down the aisle.

Nichy's grand introduction to the guests left everyone breathless, as she gracefully walked across the catwalk to meet her proud father who escorted her down the aisle.

A huge smile spread across Moy's face when he stood face to face with his soon to be bride. And they glowed through out their couple portraits. As a wedding photographer, it is these moments that we love to capture, the organic and raw emotions of the expectations of a new journey in life with your chosen one.

Their reception entrance as husband and wife was greeted with cheers and joy from their family and friends. And everyone enjoyed the perfect beautiful night under the moon, witnessing the romantic love story that had just unfolded.

Congratulations Nichy and Moy! Your love story is inspiring!

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