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Lance and Rosetta, Cultural Elegance

On their wedding day, there was no denying the chemistry between Lance and Rosetta. The very beautiful bride and handsome groom were meant to be as they stood side by side exchanging vows, smiling heartily at each other. When I arrived on site, everyone was so excited and busily tending to both the bride and groom, I couldn't wait to capture this special day. I started with their getting ready, in which there were so many beautiful items to photograph, including her extraordinary gown and beautiful princess crown. The venue for the party, Chateau Elan, was the perfect romantic setting for the special couple.

As they were getting ready, everyone on the bride's team were so attentive to the bride, and her mother was beaming with pride and joy. On the groom's side, there was just as much camaraderie as they joked and toasted to their friend.

Our cameras captured the extent of Lance's dedication as he called to check in on his bride and reviewed to make sure his vows were exactly as he wanted.

As his beautiful bride walked down the aisle, the groom smiled from ear to ear. Everyone turned to look at her and I knew this was going to be a very special ceremony. Their sand ceremony's beautiful colors reflected the rich heritage of their culture.

This was indeed one of the best looking wedding parties. I wanted to capture their portraits from all angles to make sure everyone in the party was highlighted, especially the newly weds.

It was a joy to capture their special groom and bridal portraits. Their poses came very naturally with little direction needed. They just had fun. So we shot many candid poses as well as traditional ones.

And as the night drew closer, and the newlyweds were introduced for the first time as husband and wife, their guests cheered so loudly. The happy couple danced closely to their favorite songs, taking it all in happily. And in the middle of the reception, everyone was elated as husband and wife re-entered the beautiful ballroom in their gorgeous cultural attires.

Lance and Rosetta reflected their Royal heritage and continued to be inseparable and picture perfect through out their magical night.

And let's not forget their beautiful ballroom setting. It was rich in color and they were generous with numerous gifts for their guests including the custom plate that symbolized their union.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard! It was truly wonderful to witness such love between a Prince and his Princess.

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