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Zach and Janina, A Love Story

The love between Zach and Janina is truly undeniable. From the moment I met them, it felt like they had known each other forever. And later I came to find out that this amazing couple had indeed been in love for many years and were the best of friends. They had the best of both worlds. Their connection and natural candidness with each other was refreshing.

Janina is her mother's youngest child and only daughter, and so one of my main goals was to make sure I captured special moments between mother and daughter. The beautiful paper flowers were made by her mom.

The lovely couple's wedding reception symbolized their unique personalities and their history together. The excitement on the groom's face when he saw his bride was priceless. She was escorted by her two older brothers, and looked smitten when she spotted her love.

During the portrait session, the couple was in sync with one another, naturally posing, lauging and enjoying their moment. Mr. and Mrs. Aronson showed us what ever lasting love looks like.

Zach and Janina thoroughly enjoyed their reception with family, dancing, plenty of food and a DJ that really set the party on fire (in a good way). Everyone joined in on the fun and made their wedding day the best ever for these long time love birds. As they danced, Zach serenaded Janina and they danced without a care in the world, as if no one was there but just the two of them. These soul mates danced, and danced, and danced some more. It was lovely to witness.

Congratulations Zack and Janina! It was amazing photographing your special day!

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