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Nicole and Frank!

I remember first talking to Nicole on the phone, she was soft spoken and so very courteous, I knew it would be a joy to work with her. She advised me that I had been referred to her by her friend Denise, whose wedding I photographed the year before. She was very excited and I let her know that I would give her that same level of detail and quality. On her wedding day, Nicole was just as soft spoken in person and so humble, I wanted to make sure I delivered everything she needed for her wedding photos. Her gentleness extended to everyone in her circle, including her flower girl and all her bridesmaids. She was no bridezilla.

When I finally met Frank on their wedding day, I knew exactly why they fell in love. He was as gentle and humble as she was. Frank was so kind and he beamed with joy on his wedding day. As he walked happily and cheerfully down the aisle, I could see that these two people were clearly made for each other. It would be a memorable day and I intended to catch every detail of it. Every laughter, smile, tear, whisper would be photo journaled for these two lucky couple that had found each other.

As Frank and Nicole exchanged there vows, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was captivated by their love, their emotions filled the air and they locked eyes on each other throughout the ceremony. It was breathtaking. Mr. and Mrs. Boone were united as one. This was the first wedding I photographed where the entire wedding party gathered in a circle and said a prayer together during the ceremony. This was a very faithful and loyal group. I shot the prayer circle from several different angles to capture the very unique moment.

It was very important for the newly weds that every family member be photographed during the traditional portraits, along with their immediate family and stylized couple portraits.

The reception was a good time for the newly weds and their guests. Being the humble couple that they are, Mr. and Mrs. Boone thanked every guest and everyone ate, drank and danced the night away. It was a very joyous wedding day for Frank and Nicole. From the bouquet toss, to the dance lines, everyone was in great spirits and the gentle couple danced with each other and their guests throughout the evening.

At the end of the night, tears of joy and triumph was captured. Nicole knew she had married her soul mate.

Congratulations Frank and Nicole! I'm happy to have been a part of your very special day.

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