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Love Always, Marissa and Ben

From the moment I met Marissa and Ben for their engagement session, I knew this was a special couple. She was bubbly and her smile was sincere and infectious, and there was no denying she was in love. Ben's smile was genuine, gentle and only got wider whenever he looked Marissa. A very good friend of mine had referred this couple and she had already told me of the great love they had for each other and their natural connection.

On their wedding day, their spirituality was in full display, as their wedding was filled with loved ones from their church, each playing an important role in these two people's lives. It was also quite remarkable to find out that Marissa and her friends and family, all made their own special bouquets from the roses she ordered, that expressed each of their personalities. Marissa was very creative (the bouquet she made was gorgeous!), but she was also very thoughtful by having her friends carry their own uniquely created bouquets. Marissa's choice of head accessory and wedding dress was simple and elegant and exquisite.

When photographing Ben and his friends, I sensed the same spirituality, loyalty, and endearing friendship that Marissa also had.

Relationships are very important to this lovely couple, so I wanted to make sure that these special bonds were captured. I especially loved the great bond with Marissa and her mother, and sought to capture their candid moments. Being people of Faith, their prayer time together filled the room with an aura of love knowing that their special day was truly a blessing.

Marissa and Ben wrote their own special vows and dedicated a special time during the ceremony to privately read to each other their handwritten words. This was unique, as they wanted to share their vows just between the two of them and God. The room was quiet for several minutes as they held each other, and read to each other. It was wonderful and one of the best ceremonial moments I've photographed.

When the ceremony concluded, the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were ready for their close up. And boy did they do a great job. Both were smiling from ear to ear and I could feel how grateful they were to be husband and wife. As I mentioned earlier, their families and friends mean so much to them, with Marissa reminding me to make sure I got special portraits of her and her brothers.

The bride and groom's portrait session was effortless and a joy to photograph, as we utilized both the beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. By the end of the portraits, these two love birds were ready to dance the night away and enjoy the rest of the time with their friends and family. These were perfect moments for me to capture candidly their joy and the memories they would have forever.

At the end of night, it was evident that everyone enjoyed this wonderful night sharing in the newlywed's joy. The send off was emotional and I knew I had witnessed true love. I was grateful to have been able to photo journal this young couples' spiritual and dedicated love to one another.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reynolds! It was a pleasure to serve you!

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