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A Summer Classic with Shawn and Allison

Some couples have an easy and very personable style where you can see they were clearly made for each other. This was the case when I met Allison and Shawn. They interacted as if they had already been married for many years, completing each other's sentences. At our first meeting in my studio, they described what they were looking for in a photographer and the vision of their wedding day became clear. As they spoke in one accord, their love was very evident, the kind that lasts forever. I was very happy to be asked to photo journal their special day.

I began with the details.

One of Allison's wish was for me to capture a silhouette style window shot of her dress. When I saw her beautiful veil, I knew that the window shot should also highlight the intricate and beautiful details of her veil. Her veil was stunning and I wanted to make sure it was photographed as such.

Allison and Shawn are very close with their friends and we wanted to make sure to capture candid moments displaying the joy they were sharing on this very special day.

The ceremony was as classy and classic as I knew it would be. Every angle, every laughter, every tear and everything about their lovely moment was captured. It was a beautiful ceremony.

The portrait session after the ceremony for this fun and easy loving couple was effortless. All the family and friends were filled with joy and excitement for the new Mr. and Mrs. Luckey.

And at the reception, what a great time that was had by all! It was very evident that Allison was indeed a very Luckey bride, as the newlyweds continued their easy love, their easy laughters and continued to complete each other's sentences.

Congratulations Shawn and Allison! It was both a pleasure and a joy to photo journal your very special day.

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