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A Class Act - Denise and Gabriel

My first thought when I met Gabriel and Denise was this is a classy couple. Their love was easy to capture because they always looked at each other with affection. I shot their engagement photo session at Chateau Elan, and their chemistry was quite easy to capture on camera. As a photojournalist, I wanted to tell their wedding day story beginning with their exquisite details.

Being the elegant couple that they are, the ceremony reflected as such, and the happy couple exchanged vows, holding hands most of the time and hardly taking their eyes off each other. It was one of the most romantic weddings of this summer. The colors were as bright and beautiful as their smiles as they said their "I Do's." The cellist was amazing and added another layer of elegance to the ceremony.

When it came time for portraits, I knew this beautiful couple would do quite well from our previous engagement session. Once again, the beautiful bright colors and the happy smiles made this a wonderful moment to photograph.

When we took the party outside, the portrait session became even more fun. Gabriel and Denise led the way by posing in their classic elegance, utilizing the amazing chapel and venue space.

The reception was just as elegant as the ceremony, as Gabriel and Denise opted to use only the best in decor, all bright and colorful. Again, I wanted to make sure I captured every detail from all angles. More poses with friends and many candids were taken as the couple enjoyed themselves and their friends and families.

As elegant as Denise and Gabriel began their journey, was as elegant as their special day came to an end.

Congratulations Gabriel and Denise. It was my honor to bring your wedding day photography vision to life.

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