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How to Rock Your Maternity Photo Shoot!

I recently did a very creative maternity shoot with one of my favorite customers. The results were amazing and she was over the moon happy! The photo shoot inspired me to want to write my next blog about how you can rock your maternity shoot!

The first thing is to research photographers and choose one based on their style of maternity photos. If you like their work and their style, you'll probably like the results of your photo shoot.

Choose a comfortable location. An outdoor location with various natural backdrops is good. Flowers, bright colors, and some shrubbery are good backgrounds. Remember to consider the weather when scheduling an outdoor photo shoot. If indoor, it helps to have props and more creative poses to capture more images.

Every pregnancy is different, but on average around 32 weeks is a good time to take your maternity photo shoot because the belly is full and well rounded by then. However, some women are bigger earlier and some are bigger later, so you'll just have to schedule your shoot based on your timeline. The key is to have a full well rounded belly.

If your family will be a part of the photo shoot, make sure everyone is well coordinated. Similar colors and style will help to make the pictures cohesive.

Consider the style of photos you like. Look through websites like Pinterest and see what styles and images you like. It's ok to come to your photo shoot with ideas for your photographer.

Most pregnant women prefer to go with a natural look for their make up. The Natural look works best with maternity shoots because these images will portray one of the most natural moments of your life.

Now that you know how to rock your maternity shoot, give us a call to bring your vision to life!

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