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20 Must Have Wedding Photos!

I recently had a bride tell me that she had officially looked at her wedding photos everyday since her wedding! Brides know that after their wedding is over, their wedding photos will always be there to help them relive their special day. Following up on my previous blog, here are more Must Have Wedding Day Photos!

1) The Invitation. Save an invitation for yourself so that your photographer can add it to your photo album. It's also a great keepsake marking the beginning of your journey together.

2) A wide angle landscape shot of the wedding ceremony site is always great to capture.

3) The Beauty Moment. It's fun to watch the transformation of the bride with brilliant hair and make up!

4) Your Getting Ready Suite. Whether in a hotel, resort or your own home, the room where you and your bridal party got ready for your big day will bring back some good memories.

5) The Bridal Bouquet. Today's bouquets aren't just pretty flower arrangements. They come in all styles, shapes, and with beautiful jewelry.

6) The Boutonnieres. Don't forget the Groom's accessories! Many of today's boutonnieres are worthy of a great close up shot!

7) Speaking of the groom, we tend to put most of the focus on the bride, that's why we make sure to capture the groom in his moments of reflection, and some candid shots.

8) Special moments. Capture priceless moments... like the bride adding the final touches to her vows. These are images she's not expecting to have, but will surely put a smile on her face when she sees it.

9) The First Look. First looks are becoming more popular and are a great way to add to your photo journal.

10) The Vows. These are the most important photos. These images are what the day is all about. Capture every emotion as the vows are being exchanged, the laughs and the tears. These are my favorite images to shoot because there's so much emotion being reflected.

11) The Little Ones. Your flower girls and ring bearers are so adorable, make sure they get their close up!

12) Fun Candids. These are especially great after the ceremony when everyone is more relaxed. These fun photos will put a smile on your face for years whenever you look at your album.

13) The Ceremony Site - It's worth noting again images of the entire ceremony site is a must have! An empty space shot of the site before guests arrive is another image the couple normally do not get to see, unless it's photographed.

14) The walk down the aisle. This image is so very special for the bride. I've had many brides tell me it's one of the most important images to capture for them.

15) The Ring Shot - I use my longest zoom lens to make sure this very important image is captured closely. I always include the ring shots in every album.

Here's another beautiful ring shot taken after the ceremony.

16) The Magical First Kiss. This moment is always a favorite in the wedding album.

17) The First Dance. I like to photograph the first dance from various angles, to capture the motion and the emotions.

18) Guest pictures. Couples can use these images to send thank you's to their guests.

19) Cutting the Cake! The champagne toast and couples feeding each other cake is always a fun moment to capture.

20) And Finally, the Goodbye! We capture the new bride and groom departing to start their new lives together. Congratulations to all the new 2018 couples!

I hope you enjoyed this new collection of MUST HAVE WEDDING PHOTOS! Please check out more of my helpful blogs right HERE!

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