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8 Must Have Wedding Dress Shots!

You've spent weeks, maybe months shopping for the perfect wedding gown. On your special day, be sure your beautiful dress is well photographed. Here are 8 must have wedding dress shots.

The Hanger Shot. This great shot will show the details of your gown and remind you of all the reasons you chose it.

The Back Shot. Be sure to capture the back of your dress. Very often, the back of a bridal gown will have unique details that you'd want to show off. This is also the perfect opportunity to get a great shot of your veil.

A Close Up Shot of The Details. Lace, embroidery or stones, be sure all the details are captured.

The Shoe Shot. And of course, one of your most important accessories are your shoes! We must always make sure to get the shoe shot under the dress.

Getting into the gown. A great moment will be when your closest friends and family help you get into your dress. This is a moment to capture from all angles.

The Playful shot. During the photo session, candid playful shots will help you remember the more relaxed moments of your special day. Take plenty of these.

The Editorial Shot. This is a shot that speaks volumes and is open for interpretation. The editorial shot is simple but also illustrates the essence of the day.

The Sitting Shot. For Summer and Fall weddings, this is simply a beautiful image to take.

I hope these 8 tips are helpful! But the most important tip is to relax and revel in your beautiful gown!

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