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Katriel and Tatiana's Lakeside Wedding

Katriel and Tatiana met while studying film at Full Sail University in Florida. Though they had both attended the university for quite some time, up until then, their paths didn’t cross until they joined the same class in November 2015 to which they became instant friends, confidants, and each other’s sounding board in collaborating on ideas for cinematic escapes and future ambitions.

They meshed so well together, bonding over their shared affinity for lyrically-heavy hip-hop, eccentric interests, their unfailing faith in God, and a passion for good laughs and good food.

After only a few months of friendship, the two made their relationship official as Katriel asked Tatiana to be his forever just days after his birthday underneath the summer sun, by the lake, in a park, under a tree. In the midst of God’s creation, Tatiana said “yes” for she always described their relationship as effortless as breathing.

Through many hurdles and even distance that caused minor strain on their engagement, at the end of the day all they aspired to was being together.

And on October 6, 2017, less than two years since they had first greeted one another, a year and half after they made the ultimate agreement to tie the knot, and just three months after Katriel uprooted his life in Florida to be with Tatiana in her hometown, the Jamaican skater boy from New Jersey and the Atlantean bookworm became Mr. & Mrs. Wilson in the same fashion they got engaged: under the Autumn sun, by a lake, in a park, under a tree with God’s creation and the people who supported their union as their backdrop and their backbone.

Congratulations to this very inspiring couple!

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