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Must Have Wedding Photos!

There are lots of special moments to be captured on your wedding day. These moments help you cherish your special day for years to come. Here a few that top the list.

The Accessories - your wedding day accessories are special because they are meaningful to you on this specific day. Make sure each item is captured brilliantly.

Putting on your wedding dress - be sure the photographer captures images of your mother and/or the special women in your life as they help you with your gown and veil. These important wormen are the people that are closest to you and hold a special place in your heart.

The Bridal Portrait - this is your time to shine. You should glow in this portrait, and the essence of your emotions captured.

Candid moments like this flower girl admiring the wedding gown are moments the bride will appreciate later when going through her photos.

The Portraits - A favorite part of the wedding day is when it's just the photographer and the bride and groom taking their special portraits. This gives the new bride and groom much needed time to themselves to enjoy a few moments alone and capture their own emotions.

The bouquet - with flowers so gorgeous, and in all your favorite colors, it's a must have photo to add to this list.

The Rings - Of course the rings. I like to capture the wedding rings on the bride and groom's fingers or with something that's meaningful to them.

These are just a few must have photos. Stay tuned for another list coming soon.

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