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2017 Wedding Trends

The 2017 Wedding Season is well under way, and like every wedding season, it has its own popular trends. Here are some of the most popular trends I continue to see as I shoot weddings this season.

1) The traditional first dance has gone through a transformation as brides and grooms are having fun putting their own spin on it and adding choreography to their first dance. They're entering the reception halls with dances reflecting their personalities and providing entertainment for their guests.

2) Speaking of dancing, another trend is more couples opting for live entertainment. DJ's are still popular, but now I'm seeing big bands providing live music, pop, rock and popular wedding songs. A few weeks ago, I photographed a wedding with a large Mariachi Band that beautifully reflected the musical culture of the couple. It was wonderful.

3) A very popular wedding trend are soft, pastel colors. They became popular at the latter end of 2016 and continue to be even more popular now. The pastel pinks and lavenders, rose gold/blush are among the favorite colors for flowers and bridesmaids dresses this season.

And finally, wedding couples are opting for fun desserts as part of their cake table. It used to be that all we expected for dessert at a wedding would be the cake, but now there are whole sweets tables beautifully layered with all sorts of desserts. Cupcakes and decorated donuts seem to be the most popular on sweets tables.

These are just a few of 2017's Wedding Trends. For more fun blogs, just click Right Here!

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