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What To Do With Your Hundreds of Wedding Photos!

As a wedding photographer, my customers receive anywhere from 600-800 beautiful images from their wedding day! So what do you do with all those photos?! Rather than have them stored in a USB drive forever, here are a few tips and ideas of how to treasure your beautiful images.

!) Of course, the number one thing most couples do is use their favorite photos to make a wedding album. This is a great option! However, you will still have hundreds more pictures left.

2) Use your guest photos to send Thank You notes! (during the reception, I normally go to each table and take individual guests photos), Your guests will be happy to receive a beautiful image of themselves from your wedding!

3) Another idea is making a poster of your favorite photo. Most of us will frame a few photos, but take it a step further and blow up a favorite photo poster size to hang in your favorite room. And every time you walk in that room, I bet it puts a smile on your face.

4) Create a calendar using your photos. Have a different picture to represent everyday of the year.

5) And finally, add your photos on a digital frame. Digital frames are great because they rotate every photo every few seconds. This is a great way to view hundreds of photos without flipping pages. And when displayed at your home or work desk, others can view the images and share in the memories with you.

I hope these tips were helpful! Check out more of my helpful blogs Right Here!

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