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4 Big Tips for Fabulous Wedding Photos!

There are many things you can do to help your wedding photographer capture all the details you want on your wedding day. With so much happening on your day, these simple tips will help ensure that detail oriented photographers like myself have all we need to make sure you get all the wedding photos you want, and even more!

The first tip is to send your photographer a copy of your wedding day timeline weeks before the event. This gives your photographer insight on how your wedding day will flow. I make it a point to schedule a walk through at the event site with the bride and groom a couple of weeks before the wedding. It allows me to see the lay of the land, and also review the timeline with the couple while we are there.

Have your accessories and details in one place. I advise my brides to find one place in the room that they are getting ready, and place all details such as jewelry, wedding shoes, garter, bridesmaids flowers and bouquet, something new and something blue, and all items in one central place (laid out on a table is a great idea) for easy access for the photographer to take those beautiful getting ready shots.

Family photos can be overwhelming, especially the larger the family. Most likely your photographer will not know names of members of your family, so designate a friend or a family member to be on hand to assist with grouping and directing people for the family photos. It's also a good idea to have your list of family group shots ready for the photographer. This will help the family photos go smoothly and adhere to the wedding timeline.

Feed your vendors while you and your guests are eating. Especially for an 8 hour wedding day, it's important for your photographer to refuel and get ready for the remainder of the night's events. And more than likely, guests will appreciate the photographer not taking photos of them while they are eating.

I hope you found these tips helpful! But here's one more that photographers will really appreciate!

Be sure to credit your photographer and other vendors on social media. We work hard to bring your vision to life!

Please see the rest of our helpful tips, right here on our Blog Page!

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