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Must Do's on the Morning Of Your Wedding!

No matter how much you've pre planned, the morning of your wedding will likely be filled with lots to do and final arrangements to be made. Here are a few pretty important things we want to make sure you remember!

Eat a hearty breakfast! You will need the fuel and energy provided by a good breakfast to help you through the day's event. And when you start to get ready, make sure a fruit tray or light appetizers are provided for you and your bridesmaids to snack on.

Double check that you have the little items that will make a big, cell phone, accessories, perfume, lipstick, emergency kit?

Your letters or vows to each other. Make sure you remember this very important item and always have it nearby leading up to the ceremony!

Have a fun champagne toast while getting ready. It will help everyone loosen up and enjoy the pre-wedding fun! A champagne toast is a great way to let your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate their loyalty and support.

Make sure your getaway suitcase is packed and ready to leave with you to your honeymoon. Don't forget your Passport if leaving out of the country!

I hope these tips were helpful!

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