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Tips for a Great Wedding Reception!

As a wedding photographer, I've seen some really great weddings. Here a few ideas from some outstanding receptions that will leave your guests very impressed.

It may sound simple and obvious, but greet each guest at your wedding. It means a lot to your guests to be able to personally congratulate you on your big day. As a photographer, I make it a point to capture the bride and groom at guest tables, greeting, hugging and chatting with each guest. Those candid moments bring the wedding back to life every time the bride looks at the photos (as brides have told me). These photos are also great to use to send Thank You notes to your guests. Guests will appreciate and treasure their captured moment with you on of one of the most important days of your life!

At the reception, have your DJ announce the floor is open for song requests. This is a sure fire way to fill up the dance floor with all the popular crowd favorites!

Have a photo booth. This is an easy way to have your guests join a fun activity and have have memorable photos to take with them after the wedding. Be sure to have plenty of props for your guests to choose from!

I hope these 3 crowd pleasing tips help make your wedding the best ever! See more helpful blogs HERE

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