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5 Mistakes Brides Make!

As a busy wedding photographer, I've seen many great weddings and a few not so great ones. There are a handful of missteps that can make the difference between a great wedding and a not so great. Don't make these five mistakes that I've seen brides make!

1. You're Not True to Yourself. With so many images and wedding websites, it's easy to get lost in other people's wedding ideas. Before getting too many ideas from Pinterest or bridal magazines, think about what is it that you like. Let your wedding reflect the true you so that you and your family and friends will truly enjoy your day!

2. You don't hire a wedding planner. Depending on the size of your wedding, planning a wedding on your own can be one of the biggest projects you under take. A good wedding planner can give you insights and advise that most of us wouldn't know to consider. Also, most wedding planners have great contacts and can recommend other great vendors they've worked with or know about to help make your wedding a success. At the very least, definitely hire a day of the event coordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly, because all you want to do on your wedding day is relax and be beautiful!

3. You Skimp on the Photography! I have heard so many couples say after their wedding, the one thing they regret is not investing more money on great photography. Think about it, when the party is over, and all the decorations and flowers are gone, what you'll have left to remind you of the details of your day is good photography. A good photographer is detailed and captures every memorable moment, and creates those heart felt emotional images. Invest in a great photographer! And same goes for videography.

4. You allow a Free For All for the Toasts. Every friend and family member will be happy for you and will want to express their love for you. It's best to have a pre planned list (listed on the program so that everyone knows) of who will be toasting the bride and groom. I've seen some situations where the toasting has gone on long enough to become awkward. But on average, it's about 3 people who may do the toasting, beginning with the father of the bride.

5. You Don't Research the DJ/Band. Music is an important part of your wedding day. From the ceremony to the reception, the people you hire for your music will help set the vibe and tone, especially at the reception. A good DJ or Band will make your party fun and memorable by knowing what types of music to play and how to get your guests on the dance floor! A bad DJ or Band can be disastrous. Take your time to choose who will be in charge of your music.

I hope these tips were helpful!

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