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Beauty Checklist!

Check out these smart tips to be picture perfect on your wedding day!

Wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful! Here are a few beauty tips to get you started on your exciting journey!

About 8-9 Months from your wedding date, start to collect images of looks you like. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas!

6 Months out, schedule a trial appointment for hair and make up. A trial session will help you to see if the looks you like will work for you. Also use this time to book your hair and make up artist!

4 Months out, it's time to tackle any skin issues. Contact a dermatologist or aesthetician to begin a healthy skin regimen. Bonus Tip: Cut sugars and soft drinks from your diet, start to drink more Water, it's great for your skin!

2 Months out, if you work out, start to tone your body...and If you don't work out, start with a gentle exercise will boost your confidence as well as give you more energy for all the planning!

With only 1 Month out, you are on cruise control. Get your last minute appointments scheduled. Get in one final facial appointment, schedule your manicure and pedicure, and try an at home teeth whitening kit for a Stellar Smile!

Take care of your skin and health, and on your wedding day, you'll be glowing!

I hope these tips were helpful! Check out the rest of our blogs with plenty of other great topics!

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