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It's Engagement Season!

Here are 3 expert tips to help make your engagement photos fun and fabulous!

Location! Choose a place that tells your story. Many couples like to revisit the place where they first met, or had their first date, or where he proposed. It's also great if your location has multiple areas that can be used for different natural backdrops.

Be Natural. Some of my clients favorite photos have been candids, taken at times when they're just being their natural selves...laughing, chatting, and just enjoying being together. It's important to be relaxed and enjoy your photo session. These make the most beautiful photos.

Bring Props! Props are fun and help express who you are as a couple! I always encourage clients to bring items that are meaningful to them. But don't over do it, only 1 or 2 props is all that's needed to add to your photo session.

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! We look forward to seeing you during Wedding Season!

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