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The Art of Photography

Although once debated whether photography is an art form, many have proclaimed that yes, photography is an art form. When a photographer makes the best use of the various elements of design, the result elevates the product from a mere picture and transforms it into art. Utilization of composition, framing, unique angles, intelligent use of color and lighting manipulation help give varying perspectives.

In the the photo above, the darker lighting helps to illustrate a romantic and intimate setting.

I chose to add dramatic black and white for effect in the photos below. Black and white images also evoke timelessness, and very classic images. I tend to favor black and white imaging if I'm looking to capture an enduring look, as well as an artistic statement.

Below, I framed the couple with the natural setting of the garden. The dark green vignette on the top is the perfect contrast to the lighter green in the middle of the photo, highlighting the couple in the center of the image.

The photo below is open for interpretation, as all art should be. What is this bride thinking? How is she feeling? What is the love story that brought her to this special day? Any bride can put herself in this picture and add her own story.

In the next photo, the wall art, furniture, and bride's angled pose, help to express this traditional artistic look. This photo becomes as much as an art as the one behind her.

And finally, the use of foliage for a 3D-like effect. One of my favorite photos.

I invite you to come back and see more of my work, as I am always updating with new images!

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