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  • Dana M. Peck photography by Stella Whitker

More than Decor

Are you going to host a baby shower? Don’t fret! We have a few decor tips and examples of how we captured the exciting memories from one special day! The memories of this occasion will last a lifetime so go beyond just decorating and tie in the themes, colors and personality of the mommy to be to make this party extraordinary!!

Be sure to capture pictures of all of the special design elements for this festive ocassion. The first impression your guests will have is the entrance or front door - think creatively about a way to tie in the theme and color scheme. You can also give special attention to a focal wall as pictured below.

This is a great (practical) way to decorate the party room - the designers strayed away from the typical powder blue or pink and brought in the "baby" elements by using clothespins. Hanging practical items like the onesies permits a pop of color while serving a functional use post party.

Inside, establishing the dessert table/food buffet as the main feature brings the look together. You can enhance the party atmosphere with different textures as well. Here you notice the use of a variety of patterns and heights with complimentary colors.

Decorating the mommy to be chair is a another fun way to add color! Organizing a baby shower can be a lot of work, but it also can be a lot of fun if you think beyond just decor.

Designed by Wanda Knox of Royal Room Events, Ellenwood, Ga

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