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De-Stress the Family Photo Shoot

Smile! The holidays are right around the corner! And it's good to know that a family portrait session with a young child doesn't have to be stressful.

I've found a few tried and true ways to not only capture the best family photos but ensure everyone enjoys themselves as well!

First - ensure everyone is comfortable, especially the child; simple games like catch or peek a boo gets the child used to my interactions.

Second - with regards to posing, I'm much more flexble when capturing memories with children. I like to capture the essence of the family and focus on the fun and spontaneous moments that are bound to happen.

Third - I advise my families to choose complimentary colors, however, everyone does not have to match. It is also a good idea to limit patterns.

Fourth - Limit the shoot to about an hour or less. Most children

have short attention span, and tire easily. Ensure that the

young child is well rested before the session.

Now you're set for your fun family portrait!

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