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  • Dana M. Peck with photography by Stella Whitaker

Be flawless for your wedding photos!

The key to having that perfect made up look for your special day is taking good care of your skin starting right now. Drinking plenty of water consistently will keep your face healthy and hydrated. Your makeup will apply more evenly and enhance your natural beauty. As far as the actual products for your skin - don’t skimp on the primer – it’s a must! Primer will ensure your makeup lasts for hours. You also can’t forget to pay extra attention to your lashes and your brows since the camera can wash out your eyes without that extra special attention. Be sure to have chap stick handy – chapped lips will show up through the camera lense and on to your keepsake photos. Paying attention to these key areas will go a long way to making your pictures extra perfect and flawless!

Make up by

Nicky Blancó | MUA Nicky Beats Ph: 678-383-9168 Email: Website:


Stephanie Chavez

IG: @stephsays_so


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