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Poses are great, but preserving authentic emotions is my favorite part of wedding photography.  Be sure that plenty of heartfelt candid moments are part of your photo collection.

1)  Before the ceremony.  Capture the joy, the fun, and all the shenanigans!...

I recently had a bride tell me that she had officially looked at her wedding photos everyday since her wedding!   Brides know that after their wedding is over, their wedding photos will always be there to help them relive their special day.  Following up on my previous...


Smile! The holidays are right around the corner!  And it's good to know that a family portrait session with a young child doesn't have to be stressful.  


I've found a few tried and true ways to not only capture the best family photos but ensure eve...


Capture this special time in your life in a natural, fresh, comfortable and fun way!


Take note of Stella’s Six Tips to keep in mind for a successful shoot: 


1)  Practice a few poses in the mirror – this will help you feel more at ease in front of the camera



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